Why work with a maternity coach?

Your people are your business. When your colleagues take maternity leave, it has the potential to disrupt both their career and your business.

86% of women will be a mother by the age of 40, so if you don’t have the support they need in place you’re not thinking about 47% of the population.*

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mothers experience problems returning to work after maternity leave

0 %

mothers struggle to balance their time between childcare and work

0 %

mothers feel guilty at spending so much time away from their children

0 %

mothers struggle to cover costs of childcare

0 %

mothers suffer from mental health issues in relation to their return to work

Plus... absence from work can lead to a 20% reduction of engagement, motivation and workplace wellbeing.

Working with a maternity coach can help your colleagues with these issues and boost their preparedness and confidence for their return to work.

19% mothers leave the workforce within 3 years of having children*, which costs your organisation in the following ways: 

Consequences for businesses

The consequences of these problems is as severe for businesses as it is for employees, with the loss of experienced female talent having both short term and long term consequences for their organisations:

High costs

high recruitment and training costs to replace lost employees as outlined above

Succession planning

small female talent pipeline from which to manage succession planning

Gender pay gap

wide gender pay gap as a result of fewer women reaching senior roles

Attracting new talent

lack of role models to attract new talent to the organisation

Cost to business:

£ 0 +

Working with a maternity coach can help you retain your colleagues after maternity leave, boost their engagement, motivation and wellbeing, reduce your recruitment costs and ultimately boost the bottom line for your business.

Services we offer organisations

Whether you are looking for support for one individual within your organisation or across the entire organisation, we have a range of services available to help you offer parental support.

Support for individuals

We offer a range of support for individuals, from online courses to 1:1 coaching and group coaching. Our three staged approach ensures individuals are supported in their preparation to leave their role, in their return to work and help them re-engage with their role and career when they have returned.

Support for managers

Our Line Manager support creates space for Line Managers to think about how they can best support their teams through their transition to parenthood; shows how they can influence their team and company culture to support parents when they return, and provides best practice tips for a smooth transition to and from parental leave.

Support for HR & DE&I teams

At an organisational level, The Maternity Coach can help you create and put into place procedures to support your goals for parental support. We can support you in creating your bid for funding for parental support programmes, plus offer training courses to support your HR team.

Webinars and workshops

We offer a number of Live Events that can be run either in person or virtually aimed at building inclusive and parent-friendly environments as well as supporting the transition to parenthood. These are particularly suited to ERGs to help build inclusive and diverse workplaces.

Read our blog about the benefits maternity coaching brings to both individuals and organisations

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