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Our three-staged approach supports mothers before, during and after maternity leave

It helps mothers prepare for and understand the transition they have been through in becoming a mother and their new identity. It enables them to visualise their future self and goals for their career, before helping them plan the return to work that’s right for them. Finally, it helps them plan and re-establish their career plan on their return to work.

Pre-maternity leave

Plan & prepare

Mid-maternity leave

Understand and re-focus

Post-maternity leave

Re-engage and thrive

Programme options

The coaching programme operates on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis or you can buy an annual package of hours to draw down from as needed. 

Online courses

Good for small budget

Group coaching support

Good for larger organisations

1:1 maternity coaching

Good for smaller organisations

Online courses

We offer online courses to suit each stage and needs in the maternity journey:

Preparing for parental leave

This course is designed to support individuals from the moment they announce they will become a parent through to engaging with their role and career after they return to work. Full of support and learning about the major life transition to parenthood as well as practical tips for every step of the journey, this course will ensure your colleagues plan their best parental leave.

Returning from parental leave

If your colleagues are already on parental leave, this course will help them plan their return to work and then re-engage with their role and career after they have returned. It provides space to reflect on the major life transition they have been through, as well as offering practical tips and support to ensure they have the best return to work.

Group coaching support and workshops

For larger organisations it can be both cost effective and supportive to offer group support and workshops to your colleagues. These sessions provide the space for your colleagues to reflect on how they are feeling at each stage of their journey and receive support from both a trained maternity coach and their colleagues in a similar position, as well as providing practical tips and support to enable them to plan their best parental leave.

1:1 coaching support

For smaller organisations, or those who would like to offer bespoke support to their colleagues, our 1:1 coaching is tailored to each individual we support. Each colleague can choose their preferred choice of coach to work with from our highly experienced team, who will then support them through their transition to and from parental leave. During their 1:1 sessions, the coach will support them in working towards their goals through coaching and a tailored selection of written exercises from our Parental Leave Coaching Toolkit.

Maternity coaching packages

We offer three 1:1 or group coaching packages to suit your budget and how much support you are looking to offer your employees:


3 sessions


5 sessions


7 sessions

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