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Maternity coach training taking place online

Events to help you support your colleagues and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace

At The Maternity Coach, we offer a number of events designed to support parents and build more diverse and inclusive workplaces. These events can be run virtually or in-person and are typically an hour long which includes a live interactive workshop with time for questions and answers at the end of the session.

Workshops and webinars

Why we watch our babies sleep - understanding matrescence

This one-hour confidence boosting webinar supports understanding, normalising and navigating the changes and emotions that accompany matrescence – the identity transition to motherhood.

Boosting our resilience to the emotional impacts of motherhood

This interactive webinar shares tools and techniques to support the transition to working motherhood, boosting confidence in managing boundaries and emotional resilience after returning to work.

Understanding the second shift and mental load challenges

Co-hosted with Ian Dinwiddy, Founder of Inspiring Dads, this one-hour webinar shines a light on the second shift and mental load: what it is and the challenges it presents to couples and families today. Spin off workshops are available subject to demand.

Parenthood - the ultimate personal development opportunity

Co-hosted with Ian Dinwiddy, Founder of Inspiring Dads, this one-hour webinar highlights how the skills we develop in parenthood benefit not only parents as individuals but the workplace as a whole.

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