The benefits of maternity coaching

HR Training Providers DPG found that 9 out of 10 (88%) of mothers experienced problems returning to work after maternity leave. Common feelings I hear when working with mothers returning to work after maternity leave are:

  • feeling daunted or overwhelmed
  • wondering how to balance work and family life
  • a loss of confidence in themselves
  • fear about leaving their baby
  • wondering whether they can do their job again
  • how to manage the changing roles at home
  • thinking about this and subsequent maternity leaves fit in with a long term career.

The consequences of these problems is as severe for businesses as it is for employees, with the loss of experienced female talent having both short term and long term consequences for their organisations:

  • high recruitment and training costs to replace lost employees
  • small female talent pipeline from which to manage succession planning
  • wide gender pay gap as a result of fewer women reaching senior roles
  • lack of role models to attract new talent to the organisation

It is often all too easy for parents, when confronted with the mental and physical challenges of parenthood, to make decisions that give short term gains over their family’s long term goals and aspirations. With experience coaching mothers at all stages in their careers, I understand and can coach mothers through making decisions in line with their goals and aspirations and help them prepare for what your future may hold as a working mother.

Maternity leave is a natural pause in a career and gives the time and space to take stock of where you are, where you want to go next and in the long term.

The benefits to mothers

The benefits maternity coaching brings are wide and far reaching. It can help you:

  • manage your emotions around your return to work
  • remember your skills and strengths and the value you bring to an organisation
  • regain your confidence in your ability to do your job
  • feel confident in your ability to juggle work and family life
  • manage the logistics around leaving and your return to work
  • have contingency plans for both transitions
  • make the most of your KIT days
  • make decisions around the practical issues such as child care and flexible working
  • work out what you want your new working pattern to look like
  • maintain your sense of self and how work fits with this
  • take stock of your career to date and update your career plan
  • continue to achieve your potential at work
  • feel more engaged with your role, team and company
  • see how maternity leave fits in with your long term career and life plan
  • look at how possible maternity leaves fit in with your career plan

The benefits to organisations

The benefits maternity coaching bring to an organisation are wide and far reaching. It can help:

  • retain valued employees and help them achieve their potential
  • reduce recruitment and training costs from high staff turnover
  • reduce the need for costly ‘returnship programmes’
  • employees feel more engaged with their role, team and company
  • build a healthy female talent pipeline
  • narrow the gender pay gap
  • create role models to attract and retain talented women
  • create a diverse culture where everyone is given the freedom and security to succeed

To find out how I can help you manage your, or your employees, smooth transition to and from maternity leave, contact me at

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